Fightback for Autism, a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit helps families fight for FULL ACCESS to medical and therapy services including adequate insurance reimbursement for services.  Our mission is dedicated to fighting for Full Access to Medical & Therapy Services, as well as developing & supporting home based educational programs to teach  & guide parents on how to carry out therapy services at home at  6- 7 days a week.

With the massive increase in the number of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and with the Federal & State cutbacks, access to consistent care which will stimulate brain growth & development is vital.

Fightback for Autism provides "experienced advocates" at "no charge" to assist families in requesting and receiving the necessary services for their child in the following areas:

1) the school system

2) a family's insurance company  


3) from Federal and State funded programs.

Fightback for Autism supports the philosophy that brain re-mapping requires repetition, including a Home Therapy Program 6- 7 days a week

Fightback for Autism provides therapy equipment and onsite home therapy instruction for parents to accomplish "HOME THERAPY” 7 days a week.  Grants for equipment at "no cost" are evaluated based on financial need.

Long Term Missions:

1) To identify insurance companies who are denying insurance coverage to children with a diagnosis within the autism spectrum, and then to " FIGHT BACK "to assure that Autistic Spectrum children receive full access to medical & therapy services as well as adequate reimbursement from insurance companies for these services.  

Fightback for Autism is presently raising money to develop a statistically based survey to monitor the gaps in medical & therapy services to these children.  Parents will be able to communicate what services are not being paid for by their insurance companies or not being provided by their school system.

These statistics will be posted on this website as well as shared with state and federal congressional leaders with the goal of providing our elected leaders with data to make needed changes.  

2) To build and open a full service AUTISM DIAGNOSTIC CENTER, similar to the medical model of the Mayo Clinic.

Upon arrival, there is a key medical person assigned to each patient who oversees and guides the evaluation process while constantly keeping the parent/child informed during the process, this full service diagnostic center will be a place where parents can bring their children to be evaluated and or treated onsite.

The range of services offered will span from medical (including Dan Doctors), psychological, nutritional, therapies ranging from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Bio Feedback, ABA Therapy, Sensory Processing Therapy, DIR/Floortime Therapy, Audiology, Social Skills programs, Onsite Home Visits, Onsite School Visits, School Advocates, IEP Parent Education, Pet Therapy, Therapeutic Horseback Riding and more to be added…..

Onsite family housing is a goal once the Diagnostic Center is open and running.